Flagship event in Darlo, hits the mark

Saturday the 16th of April saw our latest and greatest Rough Threads event go off without a hitch.

The sun was out for our flagship event, and so were the 500 people who came together to create the biggest Rough Threads we’ve held yet. Together our Threader Community handed out 1200 meals over two non stop food areas, the always amazing hairstylists primped and pampered 100 (yes, 100) haircuts, over 450 books were handed out and we passed on 8000 items of clothing, shoes and accessories generously donated by the community. It was an incredible success.

The day consisted of wonderful music, laughs, smiles and joy and it was a shining example of how when people come together good things can happen and lives can change.

The event saw a trial of our new Jewellery Stand, which was a huge hit Our incredible make up artists who worked tirelessly next to our Wellness Centre saw the most traffic they’ve seen at an event and all jumped on board for our next festival. All of our volunteers worked together to create one of the most memorable and enjoyable days. We at Rough Threads headquarters have banded together to begin the planning of the next one, and we will be in touch with you all soon with some more details!

As we always say, we’re all in this together.